Monday, September 12, 2011

Monday, I think

If this is Monday, we visited Nurberg. It has a fascinating castle and old town, and a very creepy place called the Zeppelin Field.  It was here that the Nazis held their staged rallies involving up to 500,000 people in a week in September between 1933 and 1938.  If Hitler had been standing on the leader's podium some weeks ago, he would have witnessed Lewis Hamilton winning the 2011 German Grand Prix.  This would not have made him happy.

Nearby is the Congress Hall (which is not a hall at all). Built by Hitler but never finished, it is loosely based on the Roman Colosseum. It is now not very grand.

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Lyndal and Nick said...

So sad to not see your photos yet.. but I look forward to seeing them when you get home!
It all sounds lovely and I'm rather green with envy!
P.s. very amusing tidbit about Hitler and Louis Hamilton.. it brightened my otherwise dull day at work!