Friday, May 31, 2013

Musee Gallo-Romain - Lyon

High above Lyon is a hideous off-form concrete building housing an extraordinary collection of artifacts from more than 5 centuries of Roman occupation in and around Lyon.

Mosaics and frescos.

I think I've met this man somewhere... 

Notre-Dame de Fourviere - Lyon

After a two-minute ride on a fenicular railway from the old town weary retired travellers find themselves at the cathedral Notre-Dame de Fourviere (the building featured on Sylvia's earlier blog - Time to Stitch).  We were directed down some steps into a quite serviceable sanctuary, complete with art, stained glass and an impressive altar.

To one side of the nave steps lead up to another space atop the first.  I think startled probably best described our reaction to this main sanctuary, with its astonishing colour and ornamentation. More surprising still is that this building was constructed quite recently - in the 19th century.

Obviously the main space is used for the 9am traditional service while the 10:30am family service is held downstairs.

Bruce (Sylvia insisted that I took ownership of my contributions)

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Les Cotes de Nuits

The mark of good accommodation is the functionality of the wash basin plug mechanism. For this reason we always carry a universal plastic plug.  So far only one basin has been capable of retaining water long enough for a quick shave.

North of Beaune, on the way to Dijon, is the quaint town of Nuits Saint Georges, and the vineyards of the Cotes de Nuits.

We walked along a 5km loop from the town through vineyards that are just showing their spring foliage.  Being a weekday there were many workers tending the vines - weeding mainly.

Some fine public art can be found in the town centre. I think I know the model for this statue.

There are many villages and chateaux between Nuit Saint Georges and Beaune.  This is the Chateau de Corton-Andre which has towers, a flash roof and a rather appealing front door.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Doors of Vezelay

Doors of Dijon

Some doors at Dijon

At the Palais de Ducs.  This arch decoration is found all over Burgundy (at least in the parts we have seen). 

At the Musee de la Vie Bourguignonne 

Friday, May 24, 2013

Dijon, Burgundy

After a long but uneventful flight (actually three flights) from Canberra we found ourselves in Paris at the Gare de Lyon awaiting our train to Dijon. 

I checked the speed of the train on our GPS:

 Yes, that's 289km/h.

We have just had breakfast in our charming apartment in the old town centre of Dijon.  Soon we will venture out into the light rain with our coats for adventure.

Dinner last night was beef burgundy (what else?) at this restaurant.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

France and England

We set off this morning for Paris then by train to Dijon in Burgundy. Our main aim is to escape at least part of the Canberra winter.  So far this is not going well.  In short, the maximum temperature forecast for Canberra on Saturday is 18 degrees. Dijon is expecting a maximum of 9 and showers.  But don't fret, we are bound to find something warming to see and eat.