Monday, September 26, 2011


After 283 steps, this is the view from the top of the Victory Column in the heart of Berlin's park - the Tiergarten. It was a bit hazy this morning, but you get the idea.

Strasse des 17 Juni links the tower with the Brandenburg Gate.

This is the gate in 1945.

In 1989.

This morning.

Unless you have an interest in 19th century Prussian geo-politics, and a powerful magnifying glass, my advice is to ignore this picture.

We walked from the Victory Tower to the Brandenburg Gate through the Tiergarten.

This is the line of the former Berlin Wall at Checkpoint Charlie.

And this afternoon we visited the astonishing Pergamon Museum.


janelle said...

Wow. So much good stuff! Wish I could visit again soo. it looks nice without snow!

janelle said...

visit again "soon" I meant