Thursday, July 31, 2008

Today is Thursday, this must be Bath

Bath is a masterpiece of urban design. John Wood (1704-1754) saw an opportunity to provide accommodation for London's chattering class, for their "season" in Bath. His genious, however, was to insist that builders used his facade patterns, and only local limestone (the same stone that was used to build Buckingham Palace).

The result is elegant medium density housing, four to five storeys, with not a detached bungalow in sight. My favourite is the Circus (1764) which was actually completed by John Wood's son; confusing also called John Wood.

Oh yes, there are also Roman baths, and very fine late gothic abbey, and a Pret (no image).

We took a 2 hour guided walking tour of Bath. Wonderful.


Gordon said...

I am glad you went to Bath. Mum and I parked in the street as your photo. then we walked up to the baths.the items that were in the building were very interesting
Love Dad

Richard said...

WE also thought it was a great place! Looks like you had good weather too. Janelle

Richard said...

The walking tour was a good idea. We could have done with that when we were there.Janelle