Thursday, July 17, 2008

One sleep to go

Bathroom scales have a purpose after all - to ensure we don't exceed the baggage weight limits for our flight to London starting from Sydney airport tomorrow.

First stop is Singapore where we spend the night before flying on to London at 9am on Sunday. The first leg is aboard an Airbus A380. Looking forward to a new experience. We have seats upstairs (no, not business class). Since I hate longhaul flights I will be armed with drugs (herbal, of course) noise cancelling headphones, and eye shades. Sylvia has pointed out that its basically an evening flight, so we don't need to sleep, but I'm not convinced.

Lyndal and Nick will meet us at Heathrow on Sunday afternoon. Can't wait. Lyndal will take Monday and Tuesday off work so, we will have some quality time with her in London. We will see Amy and Gavin a few days later when they return to London after their European odyssey.

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Lyndal & Nick said...

Hooray! I can't wait until you get here!
2 sleeps to go for me, and a trip out to Heathrow.
See you soon.