Monday, July 21, 2008

Harrison's clocks - at last

After seeing Lyndal and Nick (and later, Amy and Gavin) the other main reason for our trip was to see John Harrison's clocks (H1 H2m H3 and H4). They are found in the Royal Observatory, Greenwich. That's the building with the red ball that drops at precisely 1pm every day. It is also at longitude 0 degrees. The line is marked by a string of tourists with one foot on each side while others take their photos. Sadly there wasn't room for us, but that of course meant that there were few people in the room with the clocks.

After coffee and cake at the teahouse nearby, Lyndal, Sylvia and I dropped in at the National Maritime Museum. Lyndal's flat is just across the River Thames from Greewich, conveniently linked by a pedestrian tunnel (yes, under the river).

Afternoon was spent in central London - Liberty, Carnaby Street, and Westminster before returning to Lyndal and Nick's place by ferry.

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Richard said...

Sounds great so far! haven't been able to access the photos as yet. Must be a problem this end.