Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A morning in Rome

We had a morning in Rome before taking a train from Stazione Termini to Civitavecchia before boarding our ship. Above is the ceiling of the Pantheon. Below is its rather modest exterior (it has had a long and sometimes violent past).

The Trevi Fountain is stunning, but set in a surprisingly small space.

On matters transport, I can confirm that it is possible to buy a railway ticket from a machine with cash, and that platform 27, from whence the train to Civitavecchia leaves, is the furthest from the main concourse. We did make it, and are now very much enjoying our cruise on the Noordam. Today we are in Kusadasi, Turkey. Yes my blog is well behind.

Last night we had dinner with a Canadian woman who was on our Eurodam cruise in 2008. I know this because we were swapping stories about miscreants on cruises. We both told parts of the Mr Burgermeister story.

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