Friday, August 13, 2010

Canterbury Cathedral

This is the ceiling of the Chapter House at Canterbury Catherderal. Made from bog oak, it is so dense and hard that, according to our guide, it requires little or no maintenance. . The Chapter House is now a multi-purpose hall, complete with urns and folding tables.

A word about church and town guides in England. They are invariably cheerful, knowledgeable and nearing the age of the monuments and buildings they so lovingly describe. Guided town tours are well worth seeking out.  Our favourites are walking tours of Bath and Canterbury. For those who prefer cycling to walking, a Fat Tires tour is almost compulsory. 

Thomas Becket was not the only Archbishop of Canterbury to be murdered; but he was the only one to meet his end in Canterbury Cathedral..

Stained glass tells the story of miracles claimed by pilgrims to Becket's tomb. Pilgrimages to Canterbury commenced after Becket's death until Henry VIII destroyed the tomb in the early 14th century.

The severe grey chair east of the alter is only used for investitures of Archbishops of Canterbury.

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