Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Camping in Kent

This is Chilham, about 10 minute's walk from our lodgings at Cork Farm at Old Wives Lees, Kent. A very pleasant and civil place.  A building on The Square is above, St Mary's church is below.
In my previous post I mentioned the consequences of reckless form filling.  The later flight arrived on time at Heathrow, but fate was about to have her say.  First there were lengthy queues at passport control.  We were among the last to be processed.  A baggage handler had the day off, we were told, so our bags were slow to emerge. Nonetheless it was good to be on the ground.

I booked a car from a company called Green Motion many months ago. We were expecting someone from Green Motion to meet us at the shed that is Terminal 3, or at least to answer our call to its office nearby. Plan B was hastily formed and put into effect.  This involved taking a courtesy bus to the Avis depot (which seemed to be closer to Bristol than Terminal 3) to become a "walk-up".  Apparently a walkup has criminal tendencies that justify some additional charges, but at least the staff were helpful and had a car available.

We drove to Kent.

We arrived at Old Wives Lees at bout 11pm, just as our hosts were taking their phone off the hook.  Plan C? No other accommodation was available so we slept in the car.  Early next morning we made belated contact with our host who cheerfully suggested that perhaps we should have contacted him earlier.

After finally getting some sleep we set about exploring this fascinating area, starting with Canterbury.
Chilham door.

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Janelle and Richard said...

Sorry to hear about the glitches. Glad all is well now and that you no longer need to sleep in the car.
(I had noticed on your itinerary spreadsheet, that you had listed Sydney to Singapore, then Sydney to London. I thought it was just a typo on your spreadsheet. If that was the slip- up, I am feeling bad now not mentioning it!
Janelle x