Friday, May 31, 2013

Notre-Dame de Fourviere - Lyon

After a two-minute ride on a fenicular railway from the old town weary retired travellers find themselves at the cathedral Notre-Dame de Fourviere (the building featured on Sylvia's earlier blog - Time to Stitch).  We were directed down some steps into a quite serviceable sanctuary, complete with art, stained glass and an impressive altar.

To one side of the nave steps lead up to another space atop the first.  I think startled probably best described our reaction to this main sanctuary, with its astonishing colour and ornamentation. More surprising still is that this building was constructed quite recently - in the 19th century.

Obviously the main space is used for the 9am traditional service while the 10:30am family service is held downstairs.

Bruce (Sylvia insisted that I took ownership of my contributions)

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Lyndal said...

What a jazzy church! It looks a bit like a Disney church.