Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Les Cotes de Nuits

The mark of good accommodation is the functionality of the wash basin plug mechanism. For this reason we always carry a universal plastic plug.  So far only one basin has been capable of retaining water long enough for a quick shave.

North of Beaune, on the way to Dijon, is the quaint town of Nuits Saint Georges, and the vineyards of the Cotes de Nuits.

We walked along a 5km loop from the town through vineyards that are just showing their spring foliage.  Being a weekday there were many workers tending the vines - weeding mainly.

Some fine public art can be found in the town centre. I think I know the model for this statue.

There are many villages and chateaux between Nuit Saint Georges and Beaune.  This is the Chateau de Corton-Andre which has towers, a flash roof and a rather appealing front door.

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Lyndal said...

Beautiful photos Dad! Hope your next hotel has a more successful plug mechanism!