Thursday, September 2, 2010

Santorini, 24 August

You will see a similar image on Sylvia's blog, but its worth repeating. As I said to a passing traveller (from Birmingham, I think), now that I have this shot, I can go home happy - mission accomplished.

All these pictures are of Oia, which is well worth the 1.40 euro each way from the main town on the local bus. I have an answer to the great question of why Greece has no current F1 drivers. They are too busy driving the local buses on Santorini.

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janelle said...

Your photos are wonderful. Such witty commentary too. Maybe you could get a job as a guide!

janelle said...

It's been raining pretty much ALL day in Canberra today (Saturday). Haven't seen rain like this for years.
It's nice to look at the clear blue water and sky and roof tops of your lovely pics.

Lyndal and Nick said...

So so beautiful.. so so jealous!