Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mr Bergermeister

Alas, I have no images of Mr Burgermeister. He remains a man of mystery, but not without notoriety.

There is a loudspeaker in the bedhead of every cabin (sorry, stateroom) on the ms Eurodam. At 6:12am the Captain used this facility to encouage one Mr Burgermeister to contact him immediately. He didn't, so the Captained asked again at 6:30am. In the meantime the Captain turned the ship around and steamed 44 miles back towards the Faroe Islands to search for this man.

He wasn't found in the water, but somewhere on ship. According to the Captain, Mr Burgermeister was "found" but gave no further information. The ship turned to resume its course to Iceland.

There was not a little speculation on board over the fate of Mr Burgermeister. One of our dining companions that night was an 8 year old girl. She had heard not less that 4 versions, but sadly could only remember one: that he was found drunk somewhere other than his cabin.

Whilst there was no official announcement, the most widely circulated theories were that he either died, or was found drunk in the crews' lodgings on A deck, after a row with his wife. In any case he was apparently put off the ship in Iceland. His wife remained on board, but made no announcement. Some thought that he should be sent the bill for the additional miles steamed. The ship gets 70 feet to the gallon, so this would not be a small amount.


Gordon said...

How did the Captain get to know about Mr Bergermeister did his wife roport him missing? No wonder he was put off the ship at port in Iceland Did you get up when the Captain used the loudspeaker?
Mum Dad

Amy&Gavin said...

This is a fantastic story Dad!

Hey Pa, did your comment take 5 minutes to write (at 8 words a minute)????

Lyndal and Nick said...

Poor old bergy! He was probably just playing shuffle-board and lost track of the time! Those cruises are dangerous!

Richard said...

Good story!I wonder what Mr B is doing now in now in Iceland.Hope Mrs B is enjoying life without him.